Start 9th Edition Green/Black Belt in Lean on May 5 2014

Registrations are open for the 9th Edition (Dutch) of our Green/Black Belt in Lean training and certification program. This 24 day program, which is still considered as the broadest and most in-depth Lean training program in Belgium and the Netherlands, is organized in Antwerp (Belgium).

Lean in Warehouses @ ICT&Logistiek

Dirk will be at the "ICT&Logistiek fair" in Utrecht, NL on Oct 30-31 2013 to deliver a talk on how to apply Lean principles in warehouse operations. More info at their website.

Talks at the upcoming IIE conference in San Juan (Puerto Rico).

Our president, Dirk Van Goubergen, will deliver two presentations on how to implement Lean in a process industry environment at the annual conference of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) in San Juan (Puerto Rico) from May 18-22, 2013.

Our way of working

Our approach is one of our critical success factors. We use a teaching-coaching-mentoring approach based on the following principles:   

Participation: it is crucial that especially the people that are performing the operational activities are aware and convinced of problems. They need to be included in the improvement effort with regard to their own work situation. After teaching them the necessary analysis and improvement tools, we coach them towards improvements that have a high degree of implementation success due to the high level of acceptance by the people. It is about opening their eyes to the improvement potential and creating ownership of continuous improvement.

Knowledge transfer: We do not just provide consulting activities or improvements developed by our people, we teach your associates our approach to improvement and the different tools that are needed to make this type of project successful. This way, we bring your people to a higher level of knowledge, which has a positive impact on the continuous improvement performance and culture of your organization. Once your associates are able to apply the newly acquired knowledge in practice we switch from a coaching to a mentoring mode: we will be the sounding board when deploying the improvement strategy throughout the organization, and we will then support your organization to making the step to the next maturity level.

Where do we work

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