Consulting & Coaching

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We provide Consulting & Coaching in the following domains:

  • Productivity & Organization Structure Assessment
  • Lean Strategy Development
  • Lean Implementation Management and Coaching
  • Leadership & Change Management (Lean implementation, Organization & Culture)
  • Productivity Improvement
    • Manufacturing/Supply Chain Business Line ( Production, Logistics, Supply Chain, Product Development, Kaizen Workshop)
    • Healthcare Business Line
    • Service/Office Business Line

Business Lines

Business Lines

Manufacturing / Supply Chain Business LineManufacturing & Supply Chain Business Line

We have an extensive track record in helping customers in different manufacturing industries at different places around the world. We provide open and in-house training and coaching of implementation at workstation, departmental, plant or supply chain level in all aspects related to productivity improvement.

Our competencies are situated in the area of traditional Industrial Engineering (method engineering and time study/work measurement), as well as Lean and Six Sigma. We have helped organisations at all levels: from executives to managers, engineers, team leaders/supervisors and shopfloor workers.

Thanks to our strong link to the academic world, we are continuously updating our knowlegde and working on developing new breakthrough approaches and productivity improvement tools . This way we can offer state-of-the-art concepts and advanced techniques in Industrial Engineering and Lean.

We strongly believe in knowlegde transfer to make your organization more succesful. Therefore a substantial part of our development efforts is spent on finding better ways to teach the principles and tools/techniques of productivity improvement and Lean to people at every level of our client organizations.

Our trainer/coaches all speak fluently multiple languages, so we currently can support improvement initiatives and trainings in Dutch, English, French, German.

Visit our reference page to see a selection of our international clients.

Healthcare Business LineHealthcare Business Line

Healthcare institutions are facing serious challenges nowadays: more focus on the overall patient experience, pressure on costs, lack of trained personnel,... An overall strategy is needed to deal with these emerging necessities.. Our experience with Lean as business strategy for improvement in healthcare can also help you !

The combination of focus on value for the patient, creating better flow throughout the organization, both in the direct care as supporting processes, and a sustained bottom-up improvement culture results in better morale and better use of resources at all levels and more satisfied patients. Freeing up time due to the elimination and reduction of waste (non value-added activities) results in the ability to help more patients, in a more effective way, and all this without sacrificing quality. 

Healthcare institutions, especially in the UK and the US, have already been applying lean principles with great succes, and now, similar initiatives are starting in hospitals in different countries. 

Healthcare environments are very interesting for implementing Lean: first of all there is the combination of multiple interacting service, information and material flows, resulting in a rather complex environment where people and departments are typically 'shared resources'. On top of that there is an important variability both at the input side as well as within the processes that needs to be dealt with. 

Over the last years we have been developing specific training/coaching programs for Lean in Healthcare that we have conducted for several hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. Besides that we are constantly working on adapting lean and industrial engineering tools and techniques, taking into account the specific challenges of the healthcare environment, so they can be incorporated into a more effective overall approach for implementing Lean.

Service / Office Business LineOffice Business Line

Also in office and service environments, we can help improve your processes and productivity with an approach based on Lean, Six Sigma and traditional Industrial engineering techniques. We offer trainings and coaching of implementation, from the executive level to the office/service workers. 

As continuous improvement (CI) efforts and creating a sustained CI culture is rather new in many of these environments, we are also constantly developing new approaches, tools and processes to teach, coach and mentor organizations in this area. Our proven methodology for implementing Lean in this context has resulted substantial improvement for our clients.

We have worked in engineering, development, finance, HR, sales, logistics and distribution environments.