Van Goubergen Lean Academy

What is LEAN


‘Lean’ is a business strategy that helps you reach your business objectives in a more effective way and makes your organization more competitive by continuous improvement of your organizational processes. The main focus lies on pursuing perfection in improving of the flow through processes and departments, and repeating this daily by the mobilization of all employees in order to eliminate waste. These are all of those activities in your organization which do not add value for the (end) customer and for which activities consequently the customer does not want to pay. This treatment with as objective `the highest quality with the lowest cost and in the shortest lead time’ is originating from the automobile industry (Toyota Production System). In the meantime it is clear that Lean is also a very effective strategy in other industry branches. Also in Offices & Service environments and in Healthcare!

Why follow one of our Training Programs?

  • Since 1993 we provide trainings on Lean, Kaizen, Operational Excellence and Productivity Improvement for clients worldwide in manufacturing, office/service and healthcare environments. Not just the basics, but also the advanced knowledge, beyond what others are offering.
  • Our people are not just consultants, but also seasoned teachers. We conduct all trainings in four languages (Dutch, French, English, German).
  • Our innovative and state-of-the-art trainings, aligned with the latest developments in our knowledge domain, are developed based on a unique combination of practical implementation and academic expertise
  • We are ISO 9001:2008 certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and accredited by the Flemish Government for our training activities. 

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Which Training Programs?

Every year we organise Open Trainings which can also be organized for your organization in an In-Company format, even in a customized way tailored to your organisation. Please Contact us for more information!

Our main Training Programs in our three Business Lines (Manufacturing/Supply Chain, Office/Service, Healthcare environments) are the following: 

  • General Lean Training Programs (Basics, for Executives, Tools, etc.)
  • Green Belt in Lean Certification Program 
  • Black Belt in Lean Certification Program
  • Six Sigma Training Programs
  • Industrial Engineering Training Programs

For more information please visit the Training Programs section and/on our website or Contact us.