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Productivity improvement 


“Helping Small and Large Organisations Worldwide Since 1993″

Van Goubergen P&M, founded in 1993 and based in Belgium, is offering training and coaching services to support organisations to improve performance, productivity and competitiveness,
We have a strong practical and academic background in Industrial Engineering/Work Study, Lean/TPS and Operational Excellence

“Since 2006 we offer the first, the widest and most in-depth Lean/TPS training and certification program in Belgium and the Netherlands” 

+30 years of International Experience

We started working in Belgium and the Netherlands, but these last decades our services were also requested by organisations in the rest of Europe, the Americas, Asia and even Australia.

We are active in manufacturing, office/service, healthcare and not-for-profit organisations.

Our Expertise

Our team consist of senior trainers/coaches with excellent teaching skills and a broad practical implementation experience in different organisations. We have several master trainers from Toyota who lived the Toyota Production System (TPS) for more than 20 years in different operational management roles.

Your Partner to achieve Operational Excellence 

Our team at Van Goubergen P&M is dedicated to collaborating with you as a trusted partner, providing expert guidance and tailored approaches to elevate your business performance. Let us join forces to uncover new opportunities for improvement leading to growth and new heights of productivity.

Our Services

Lean Academy

We develop and organize Open & In-House training programs, some with certification through our Lean Academy.




In-house implementation

We support organisations to implement Lean/TPS as a business strategy and to develop and coach leaders as well as team members to put this into practice in order to reach Operational Excellence.


Supporting products

We offer supporting tools for improving productivity and for further development of your people. 



Proven Partnerships: Collaborating with Local & Global Clients

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